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The Meat Technology - What's New newsletter is a round-up of short articles summarising recent publications in international meat science and technology. They are produced six times a year, and cover a variety of topics.

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Issue 4/11 - June 2011
Retail colour stability of lamb | Effect of cattle temperament on meat quality | Bacterial community analysis of cattle feedlots | Consumer response to new beef packaging technologies | Bacterial survival during composting and burial of dead cattle | Electrolysis-enhanced anaerobic digestion of wastewater

Issue 3/11 - May 2011
Heat-resistant E. coli from a beef processing facility | Effects of dry and spray chilling on E. coli and Salmonella | Dead stock disposal methods | The effect of roofing material on the quality of harvested rainwater

Issue 2/11 - March 2011
Targeted interventions to control E. coli | Alternative cooling procedures for large meat products | Little difference in contamination between grass-fed and grain-fed beef | The SimPlate method for enumeration of E. coli | Lactobacillus to preserve vacuum-packed lamb | Influence of high-oxygen MAP on beef quality

Issue 1/11 - Jan 2011
Low occurrence of enterohaemorrhagic E. coli in Australian cattle | Influence of storage method of beef trim on shelf life of mince | Algal biofuel from wastewater | Radio frequency tempering of beef | No red meat link to prostate cancer | Robyn Warner joins CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences

Issue 5/10 - Dec 2010
Eating quality of frozen Australian lamb | Influence of finishing system on fatty acid composition and display life of lamb | Protein denaturation of deep semimembranosus muscle negatively affects meat tenderness | Rapid determination of ammonia in meat exposed to ammonia leaks | Foreshank manipulation to improve beef chuck tenderness | Rapid detection of E. coli O157:H7 | The effect of Smartstretch™ on tenderness of beef topsides and cube rolls

Issue 4/10 – Oct 2010
Effect of muscle type and cooking temperature on off-flavour of beef chuck muscles | High oxygen MAP induces lipid and myoglobin oxidation | Effect of post-transport electrolyte-glucose solution on meat quality of young bulls | Effect of enzyme treatment on high-and low-connective-tissue muscles | Grain and grass production systems in the USA | Odour-control technology commercialised | EU to extend COOL to all meat and poultry | E-mail or post?

Issue 3/10 – June 2010
Distribution of micro-organisms on cattle hides | Effect of freezing method and duration of storage on lamb meat quality | UV light inactivation of pathogens on foods and SS surfaces | Effects of experience with swabbing on numbers of bacteria recovered | The effect of high pressure and freezing on E. coli in ground beef | Time to collapse following slaughter without stunning in cattle | E-mail or post?

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