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Acidic Calcium Sulphate

An emerging technology

Acidified calcium sulphate (ACS) works by inactivating bacteria on contact and/or prevents further replication (bacteriostatic effect). As well as effecting decreases in initial counts of any pathogens, this has the potential to extend the shelf life of the treated food and is suitable for applications in ground meat and meat products

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Packaging or retali
Intervention Type
Incorporation into meat products
Treatment Time
Storage life of product
Approved in US, not in EU or Australia
Not yet clearly identified
Likely Cost
Not known
Value for Money
Difficult to ascertain
Plant or Process Changes
Environmental Impact
None documented
Occupational Health and Safety
None Documented
Acts on packaged product, so removes risk of recontamination
Disadvantages or Limitations

Possible organoleptic effects

Considered a food additive, so must be declared on label


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