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Ozone is a water-soluble, naturally occurring gas which is a powerful oxidising agent. It destroys microorganisms by attacking and oxidising the cellular walls and membranes. Ozone is very unstable, and on exposure to air and water it rapidly decomposes to form oxygen. Hence, it must be generated at the point of use

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Post slaughter
Intervention Type
Surface treatment of carcass, primals or offals
Treatment Time
15-60 seconds
Approved in Australia and US
1-2 logs reduction
Likely Cost
High capital outlay. The Ozone Safe Food website has a cost ($US) savings calculator to input data to compare with your current process but it does not include the capital cost of the equipment
Value for Money
Worth consideration
Plant or Process Changes
A reasonable space needs to be available to install the application equipment, though the generation unit may be installed externally to the point of use
Environmental Impact
No residual chemicals are generated and ozone readily decomposes to oxygen
Occupational Health and Safety
Ozone gas is toxic and measures need to be put in place when in use. For example, no personnel access to area being fumigated

Ozone dissipates quickly

No residues on product

Disadvantages or Limitations

Possible discolouration of lean at high concentrations

Possible oxidation of fat

An appropriate method to keep the concentration of ozone in solution at an effective level is very important


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