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Peroxy Acid

Peroxyacetic acid functions as an oxidiser and is mainly used as a carcass wash in commercial beef processing plants. Inspexx™ is a 0.02% peroxy acid solution marketed by EcoLab for reducing microbial contamination on processed red meat surfaces. As with other chemicals, there are opportunities for application at the appropriate concentration during spray chilling of carcasses, assuming no unacceptable residues remain on the product

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Post slaughter
Intervention Type
Surface treatment - usually spray application
Treatment Time
10-30 seconds
Approved in US and Australia, prohibited in the EU
1-1.5 logs
Likely Cost
Initial capital outlay for spray cabinet, ongoing costs low, estimated cost for solution is 8 ¢ per beef carcass
Value for Money
Literature does not support significant reductions in count
Plant or Process Changes
Spray cabinet is required
Environmental Impact
Effluent must be treated, energy required
Occupational Health and Safety

Peroxyacetic acid is an irritant

Secure storage and safe handling of the undiluted chemical is required

Risk of inhalation
Disadvantages or Limitations

Possible discolouration of the lean if used at high concentrations

Possible residual compounds and fat oxidation depending on the concentration applied

Requires refrigerated storage


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