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Rinse & Chill

Rinse & Chill ™ is marketed by MPSC Inc. and is a pre-rigor, enhanced bleeding technique that rinses a chilled isotonic solution containing dilute concentrations of approved common substrates (sugars and salts) through the carcass, improving meat quality, palatability and appearance. It also appears to improve hygiene. While the initial application of this technology was to remove the blood and reduce the internal temperature of the carcass, it also seems to reduce the microbial count on carcasses, and this effect also appears to extend to the subsequently vacuum packaged product and in ground beef.

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Immediately after sticking
Intervention Type
Vascular rinse of circulatory system
Treatment Time
10-15 seconds
Approved in US and Australia
Small microbial reduction and increased meat tenderness
Likely Cost
Patented process, licensing agreement required and is negotiated with the supplier
Value for Money
Plant or Process Changes
Space will need to be allocated for installation of the solution rinsing plant, and also potentially for treatment space on the slaughter floor if the existing sticking arrangements are not suitable
Environmental Impact

The equipment will require power and significant amounts of water for the rinse solution

It may be possible to recirculate the rinse fluid
Occupational Health and Safety
No increase in notable noise levels

Microbial reductions and extended shelf life

Assists in hide separation

Improved tenderness

Disadvantages or Limitations
Obtaining local approval and setting up agreement with supplier may be complex


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