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Steam Pasteurisation

Steam at 100°C has a much higher heat capacity than water at the same temperature, so if steam condenses on a surface, the temperature of that surface rises more rapidly than if it were water that was deposited on the surface. Steam droplets are far smaller than bacteria and steam can penetrate into the cavities on the surface, and it will condense onto any cold surface.

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Post slaughter
Intervention Type
Surface treatment for carcasses, primals or trimmings
Treatment Time
10-15 seconds
Reduced efficacy before hide removal, very high efficacy after hide removal (1-3 logs)
Widely accepted, but discouraged in the EU
Likely Cost
Depending on plant throughput, from A$500,000 to A$1 million+
Value for Money
Fair to Good
Plant or Process Changes
Requires a large amount of space
Environmental Impact

High effluent loading

High water use – recycling may be necessary
Occupational Health and Safety

Run-off may make floors slippery

Risk of scalding from steam pipes and nozzles

Proven technology

Effective intervention when properly applied

Can be used in combination with chemical interventions for a greater effect

Disadvantages or Limitations

Condensation may be an issue if cabinet not well ventilated.

Can be difficult to operate 100% of the time, complex controls.

Bleaching of product surface is evident immediately following treatment, but colour recovers with time


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