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Steam Vacuuming

Steam vacuuming uses steam and/or hot water to loosen soil and kill bacteria, followed by application of a vacuum to remove contaminants. The effectiveness of steam vacuuming depends on employee diligence of application and the operational status of the equipment. It is only useful when applied to specific areas of the carcass that are visibly contaminated i.e. it is not conceivable to ‘vacuum’ the whole carcass.

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Post slaughter
Intervention Type
Spot treatment
Treatment Time
5 seconds
Good results if used correctly
Accepted in US and Australia, achieving acceptance in EU
Likely Cost
A$ 100,000 plus
Value for Money

Fair to Good

Plant or Process Changes

Requires personnel to operate

Can be included in most existing configurations
Environmental Impact

Energy is required, and water to produce steam

Small amounts of liquid effluent are produced
Occupational Health and Safety

Although steam is produced, the risk of scalding is low

Manual handling training may be required to prevent repetitive strain injuries

Less expensive than most interventions

Can be directed at visibly contaminated areas

Possible robotic installations in the future

Disadvantages or Limitations

Condensation may be an issue if area not well ventilated

Some bleaching of meat surface but not permanent discolouration


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