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Since 1994, AQIS has prescribed zero tolerance for the carcase contaminants ingesta, faeces, milk and urine. Trimming of the affected product is an acceptable corrective action. Trimming can be combined with other technologies to help remove contamination.

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Abattoir slaughter floor
Intervention Type
Removal of spot contamination
Treatment Time
Accepted worldwide
Can be very effective if done well
Likely Cost
On-going labour costs
Value for Money
Good, but labour may be expensive
Plant or Process Changes

Can be done on any existing slaughter floor where space permits.

Requires considerable labour

May need some additional work platforms
Environmental Impact
Waste trim is produced
Occupational Health and Safety
Trimmers will be working with knives and may be working on raised platforms

Can be combined with final QA inspection

No major capital cost apart from installation of appropriate workstations

Disadvantages or Limitations

Unskilled trimmers can remove ans waste valuable product

Heavy trimming may affect compliance with product specifications

Can lead to surface drying in chillers if protective fascia is removed


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