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An Emerging Technology

Ultrasound has various applications in the food industry, including killing or inhibiting bacteria. Historically, the effectiveness of low intensity ultrasound in inactivating bacterial cells has been limited by the protection afforded to the organisms by the food environment. Recently, however, systems with high output of ultrasonic energy at low frequency have greatly increased the lethal effect on bacteria

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Packaging or retail
Intervention Type
Surface treatment of packaged product
Treatment Time
0.5 to 5 minutes
No specific restrictions in EU, US or Australia
Not yet clearly identified
Likely Cost
High capital outlay
Value for Money
Poor at present
Plant or Process Changes
A 5-min treatment tank will take up a lot of space in a boning room
Environmental Impact
Requires energy
Occupational Health and Safety
Major issues with noise production

Less use of preservatives such as lactates or salt for processed meat products

Potential for manufacture of new, minimally processed ready-to-eat meat products

Shelf life extension

Can be used for treatment of vacuum packs

Disadvantages or Limitations

Possible meat colour or texture changes on raw meat products

Product must be packaged, eg. Vacuum Packed, as it must be immersed in water to transmit the ultrasonic wave to the product


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